South East FCAMHS

The South East Forensic Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (FCAMHS) is a specialist referral service which is accessible to all services and organisations working with children and young people who are high risk with complex needs in the South East of England.

The service operates across the South East Region and is run collaboratively between three mental health trusts - Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Surrey and Borders NHS Foundation Trust and North East London NHS Foundation Trust.

We operate a ‘consultation and liaison’ approach which means we work collaboratively with the referrer and all other relevant agencies, such as schools, social services, CAMHS, police and youth offending services. We work together to provide a local, timely and coordinated assessment and care plan to give the most appropriate support and treatment based on the individual needs of the child or young person.

Any professional working with a young person under the age of 18 can refer to the service if they are concerned the young person they are supporting presents a risk to others.  We will talk to you to understand what support you, as the referrer, need. For example, in some cases the referrer might need a question answered, or to be signposted to an appropriate service. In other cases a formal consultation might be needed which will include more in-depth discussions with possible subsequent risk assessments and treatment planning.

Our referral criteria is deliberately broad covering all young people under 18 where there are questions regarding mental health or neurodevelopmental difficulties, including learning disability and autism, who: 

  • Present high risk of harm towards others and where there is family or professional concern
  • And/or are in contact with the youth justice system or at risk of involvement
  • Where advice about an appropriate secure setting is needed due to the complexity of the young person's presentation and where they young person is experiencing severe, recurrent self-harm or challenging behaviour which cannot be managed elsewhere. 
  • Have high risk behaviours and highly complex mental health needs and where placements may be at risk.

To make an online referral, please click on this link to complete a referral form.

Our clinicians provide support in a wide variety of locations across the county.