West Sussex community mental health liaison services

The Community Mental Health Liaison Service (CMHL) provides an early intervention and prevention service for professionals who are working with young people under the age of 18, and are concerned about a young person's mental health and wellbeing. 

This may include professionals such as:

  • GPs
  • Teachers
  • Public health nurses
  • Emotional Wellbeing Leads (EWB)
  • Support workers

The new Community Mental Health Liaison Service (CMHL) replaces the current primary mental health service (PMHS) in West Sussex.

We support building on the existing expertise of the professionals' network that currently work with children and young people with mild to moderate mental health conditions. Advice, risk screening and information sharing are key components of the service.

Our team is made up of qualified mental health practitioners, support workers and assistant psychologists.

This service is for professionals only, that work with children and young people. For example, GPs, teachers, youth workers etc. 

This service cannot be accessed be parents, carers or young people.

We operate Monday-Friday, 9-6pm and a Professionals Access Point will be in operation between the hours of 12-5pm, Monday - Friday for professionals to call or email when seeking advice about a young person’s mental health.

By contacting the Professionals Access Point, you will be offered consultation with a trained mental health practitioner who can offer advice and support when there are concerns about a child or young person’s mental health. Within this consultation, an agreed care-plan may be developed recommending strategies and interventions.


Consultation is an intervention that offers an opportunity for professionals to reflect on the presenting mental health concerns to develop their skills and capacity. Where appropriate the CMHL practitioner will continue to support the consultee to undertake some goal-based interventions with the young person.

A completed consultation form will be written and provided to the consultee.

Enhanced Consultation

Enhanced consultation may also be offered in which a joint meeting can be arranged with the child, young person and/or their family. The written plan will be reviewed within four weeks.

This is a professionals facing service only, therefore parents/carers cannot access this service.

For information and advice about how to get support, please go to our Getting Help page.

If urgent help is needed, go to our Urgent Help page.

Here are some materials which you can print and use in your places of work.

If you would like to request a small supply of some materials for your place of work (school, GP surgery, nursery etc), please contact the team at CMHLT.Admin@sussexpartnership.nhs.uk