West Sussex Single Point of Access (SPoA)

West Sussex Single Point of Access - emotional wellbeing support for children and young people

The West Sussex Single Point of Access (SPoA) is a dedicated service which provides a simplified single route to access specialist emotional wellbeing and mental health support. The SPoA helps direct you to the right service, eliminating the need to refer to multiple services.

Led by Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, the service is delivered in partnership with West Sussex County Council's Youth Emotional Support Service (YES) and YMCA Dialogue.

e-wellbeing is the digital front door for West Sussex SPoA. Visit the e-wellbeing website for more information.

SPoA accepts referrals for children and young people from the age of four up to a young person's 18th birthday. The young person must also be registered with a West Sussex GP (please note. YES will accept referrals for young people who live in West Sussex or go to a West Sussex school).

All Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) and ADHD (neurodevelopmental) referrals need to continue via the current referral pathways. If there is a mental health or emotional wellbeing concern separate to this, the young person can be referred to SPoA.

Referrals for young people with eating disorders, including Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa, need to continue directly to Sussex Family Eating Disorder Service (SFEDS).

Anyone - children, young people, parents, carers, families, GPs and other professionals.

For professionals in a school where Thought-Full (MHST) is available should consult with the schools Senior Mental Health Lead to consider Thought-Full in the first instance.

The SPoA team is made up of clinical and administrative staff. We triage (process) all referrals within 72 hours.

Referrals that meet the criteria for SPoA are offered the appropriate treatment and support. This might include advice, intervention work, a patient care plan, or a specialist assessment. In some cases, there may also be input from other services too, such as Healthy Child programme or Winston's Wish.

If a referral does not meet the criteria for SPoA, we will signpost to other services for support, such as early help, health visitors and specialist services.

This process helps to ensure that the first appointment you have is with the right service.

Children, young people, families and other professionals: Go to the e-wellbeing website and complete the referral form, providing a clear description of the mental health need and the help or advice you are seeking.

GPs: Complete West Sussex SPoA referral form and email to WestSussexSPOA@spft.nhs.uk.

When making a referral to SPoA, please provide as much information and detail about the issues the young person is currently experiencing. Doing so will allow SPoA to triage the referral much more quickly and effectively.

Please also ensure that you provide your contact details (email and telephone number), as well as contact details for the young person and their parent/carer, so that if further information is required, SPoA can get in touch.